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A Brush with Life, 2007
Acrylic on canvas

Barbara Carrasco Mid-Career Survey Exhibition
February 9 - May 1, 2008
Vincent Price Gallery, East Los Angele College
Sybil Venegas, Curator

I met Barbara Carrasco in 1977 at Self Help Graphics in East Los Angeles. I met many artists that year, working as sister Karen Boccalero’s assistant and finding myself in the center of a vital and creative community made up of painters, graphic artists, muralists, writers and a variety of cultural and political activists. My immediate attraction to Barbara was towards her authenticity. Barbara was familiar and real and that, in combination with her artistry and U.C.L.A. fine arts degree, not to mention her edgy political wit and sense of humor, was impressive. We became friends and a discussion of her work was included in my essay, Conditions For Producing Chicana Art, in 1978. Barbara would later tell me I was the first to write about her art, and for that I am so pleased and honored to continue my work with her in Barbara Carrasco: A Brush With Life, Mid-Career Survey at the Vincent Price Museum at East Los Angeles College.