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The Art of Barbara Carrasco


Therefore I find it appropriate to include it here as my opening page for Chicana/o Art: Contemporary and Aesthetic Visions section of, ( see Gaspar, Chicano Art: Inside Outside the Master’s House and Shifra Goldman and Tomas Ybarra Frausto, Arte Chicano: A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of Chicano Art, 1965-1985.) Having been a young mother myself with a five year old daughter at the time, Barbara’s untitled lithograph resonated powerfully and I, of course wanted to write about, if only briefly, this early and powerful Chicana feminist work.

"Ultimately concerned with the Chicana and her commitment to the Chicano community is the work of Barbara Carrasco. Thematically, Barbara’ work provides strong commentary on the status of women in contemporary society. Viewing women as members of an oppressed class within the framework of traditional sex roles, Barbara sees her work as a vehicle for social commentary advocating change in traditional roles for Chicanas as well as all women. In an untitled lithograph, Barbara utilizes the imagery of a woman entangled in a ball of yarn, with an umbilical cord of yarn extending to a knitted baby shoe to effectively express the oppression many experience in contemporary society."