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The Work of Linda Vallejo

Reflecting Pool
acrylic on canvas
24" x 24"

Los Cielos/The Heavens is a reflection of Linda's love of indigenous spiritual community and her personal healing through ceremony and nature. While this has been at the center of her work for the past twenty years, Los Cielos takes us inside the indigenous spirit of the Americas. Evocative of ceremony and the feelings one experiences upon making ceremony with community and the ancestors, these paintings have a primal impact on their viewers. They are familiar images that manifest creation, touching that fundamental human need for the sacred. However, in Los Cielos, the heavens are anthropomorphised into a female aspect of the creator; a benevolent Grandmother watching over us. These paintings are beautiful prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving. They are visual reminders that we are not alone. They are the unseen, yet very real presence of our ancestors, watching us, holding us up, helping us, cradling us as we move through our lives on earth.