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Golden Age of Mexico

"Coalique Transformed"
Our Gods Mural Project
Herran Saturnino
1918, Crayon, watercolor on paper

Historical Background
Mexico's Golden Age: the 1930's and 1940's

The end of the Mexican Revolution in 1917 has been said to have ushered in one of the twentieth century's greatest artistic and cultural revolutions. Some have compared this Mexican renaissance to a great national fiesta, where Mexicans were finally able to celebrate their identity as one grounded in their native land and peoples. This celebration took the form of a passionate rediscovery of a historical past dismantled and negated by the Spanish conquest of 1521 and subsequent colonization. Throughout Mexico's three hundred year colonial period, the cultural achievements of Mexico's indigenous past and its native population were relegated to an inferior status, while things European were valued and respected. The struggle for independence from Spain did create a sense of Mexican identity for the emerging nation; however, the Mexican Revolution of 1910 brought about an artistic renaissance of unique proportions, unprecedented in Mexican history.