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The Work of Linda Vallejo

acrylic on masonite
12" x 18"

Los Cielos 2000: The Work of Linda Vallejo

For those who curate exhibitions and/or write about Chicano/a art, the work of Linda Vallejo has been a hard read, at times difficult to categorize, frequently dismissed for a lack of obvious and/or subtle Chicano iconographic influences, and perhaps most often misunderstood in her preference for universal archetypes over the more conventional or recognizable symbolism found in Chicano art. Yet, in much of the literature on Chicano, and particularly, Chicana art, references to the spiritual are common if not standard in discussions of this particular genre of art. Moreover, Chicano art theory has been grounded in the discourse of cultural memory, the resurrection of history, identity and struggle, affirmations of a cultural past often presented in the sacred art forms of altares, milagros, nichos, cajas, ancient, mesoamerican icons, narrative installations and what really amounts to the visualization of a spiritual quest for identity from a colonized population. (See the work of Amalia Mesa-Baines, Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, and Victor Zamudio-Taylor)